Innovative Media Analysis

API (Application Programmer's Interface) is the result of our having isolated certain key functional components from the machinery of solutions from Invacio's offerings, and making these components available for your own use. Several are essential utilities such as our media analysis API, which provides access to raw and analyzed media-content, and among other things is able to recognize objects, establish identities (to put names to faces), approximate biometrics such as height and weight, specify gender, and can even evaluate and track emotional states.

We have also made available APIs able to identify, interpret and extract written language, which can then be subjected to sentiment-analysis; being able to appreciate the tone of phrase, even when the language use is sarcastic or ironic, this is an invaluable capability in a world where a single tweet can so vehemently and drastically affect the markets. Additionally, there are APIs for Landmark Detection, identifying natural and man-made structures within media, and therefore able to locate the picture or video.

Using machine-learning, media API enables users to moderate offensive visual, audio and written content. It also uses the power of Spider to find topical entities like Public Figures, logos, and products, which combined with our comparative visual-similarity detector can locate and retrieve similar images from the web at large. There is also Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Voice Recognition, enabling you to detect text and the spoken word within media, and to collect and run sophisticated sentiment analysis on them as a group.

Innovative Media Analysis
Media Perception Analysis
Perception Media Analysis

Robustly detect broad sets of objects in your medias, from vehicles,architectural structures, and industrial and agricultural objects, to animal and plant life and people... Media API continuously scales and adapts its many thousands of object-categories as new models are introduced, and is always improving its accuracy. as new modals are introduced coupled with improving our accuracy levels.

Detect Inappropriate Content

utilising machine-learning to detect content within media that may be inappropriate, offering an easy approach to moderation. Media API enables you to detect different types of inappropriate content from adult to violent content within videos and images.

Inappropriate Content Detection
Extract and Convert Content to Text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Voice Recognition enables you to detect text and the spoken words within media, and to collect and run sentiment analysis on them as a group.

Extract and Sentiment Analyse Text

Media Api Features

Derive correlated intelligence from medias with our Innovative Media API

Label Detection

Detect the topic from your media against broad-sets of categories, ranging from animals and plants to architectural structures and modes of transport.

Explicit Content Detection

Detect explicit content in real-time to protect your users from adult or violent content.

Optical Character and Speech Recognition

Detect and extract language from images, videos and voice media.

Face, Gender and Facial Detection

Detect and count multiple faces within media; determine key facial attributes and decorations; identify and track attitudinal and emotional states; specify gender and even the identity of public and private individuals.

Media Attributes

Detect generic attributes in media, such as dominant colours [and crop hints].

Media API Pricing

Innovative Media Analysis

For more detailed pricing structure information, please view the pricing structure.

Please Note:Prices show as in USD however this service will be operated in current live rate of INV.

Feature Price / unit
OCR or SR Detection $0.07
Explicit Content Detection $0.06
Facial, Emotional and Gender Detection $0.11

* Explicit Content used by itself will be billed at the same prices as Media Properties.

Example: If you apply Facial Detection as well as Label Detection to the samemedia, each feature will be billed individually. You would be billed for 1 unit ofLabel Detection and 1 unit of Facial Detection, at the price dictated by yourmonthly unit volume.

Limits: For more than 5 million units per month,we would ask that you contact us so that we can build custom solutions.Please visit Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd (Seychelles) Contact Page and get in touch.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis API enables developers to scale and correlate their data points in a simple to use REST API. Our machine learning models and algorithms work from classified points or learn new classified points in real-time, creating a scaling neural network (e.g., "%Politician", "%Stock_Symbol", "%Base_Line_Commodities"), detecting and creating neural network pattern signifiers as the need for them arises, and determining their effects on the market… Data Analysis API’s evolving self-learning and modelling approach can be applied to any kind of data analysis and works with every type of information-points, regardless of whether a targeted or a webbing approach to Data Analysing.

Innovative Data Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis*

Robustly analyse and detect points of interest within private or public data using our natural-language comprehension AI to identify, extract, and determine affective states and meaning. Couple this with our Spider for a broader range of determination.

Spider Targeted

You simply define specific targets for the Spider after which it quickly locates, collects, sorts, analyses and returns that information to you in clean readable, workable file.

Targeted Spider Analysis AI
Non-Targetted Spider Analysis AI
Spider Non-Targeted and Webbing*

Our spider allows you to define specific targets, after which our system will do the rest, collecting, sorting, analysing and publishing information in clean readable, workable information file.

Geolocation Constant Aerial Analysis

Invacio sources tiles from a number of satellite or aerial feeds; we use these extensively within our financial system, observing and processing hundreds of millions of points of interests daily. Should such capabilities be of interest to your company for any business purpose, we can train models on the fly and assign feeds shaped to your requirements, whatever your area or industry. Please visit our Contact Page to get in touch.

Geo-Locational Analysis AI

Data Api Features

Derive uncoupled scaling intelligence from data with our Innovative Scaling Data API

Sentiment Analysis

Detect meanings and key points from data and analyse them.

Data API Pricing

Innovative Data Analysis

For more detailed pricing structure information, please view the pricing structure.

Please Note:Prices show as in USD however this service will be operated in current live rate of INV.

Feature Price / unit
Sentiment Analysis & Key Point Extraction $0.06

Invacio on a number of specific keywords pulling in content for our analyser within Political, Financial, Generic terms, if your specific interest is non-generic please contact us directly

Limits: For more than 5 million units per month,we would ask that you contact us so that we can build customise a solution. Please visit our Contact Page to get in touch.